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Legal Services

Customized Agreement Language

When you need assistance in preparing the portion of an Agreement dealing with the division of retirement assets, we can help. We have a team of ERISA attorneys who can explain the options and prepare customized language to safely secure your client’s share of the retirement assets.

Review of Opposing Counsel’s QDRO

We will examine the Decree and proposed QDRO and inform you of any issues that may negatively impact your client. This process includes a detailed review of the Plan’s documents and procedures.

Note about Model QDROs: While the use of plan-provided model Orders often expedites the process, it is important to remember that these documents are often created with the plan’s ease of administration in mind. For instance, there are defined benefit plans whose models do not include a coverture option, even though it is permitted. This can have a significant financial impact on your client and may also be a liability concern for you if you approve a frozen assignment.

Litigation Assistance

When your case goes to trial, we can help you prepare. We can do legal research, assist you in developing your strategy and arguments, and write legal briefs.

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