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Experts in Valuing and Dividing Retirement Accounts Since 1985

Who We Are

We have an unparalleled depth of expertise that provides practical solutions for domestic relations attorneys valuing and dividing retirement assets in divorce.

About QDRO Group
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Turnaround Time: 5–7 Business Days

This represents the average number of business days it takes for us to draft an Order or provide a present day valuation report once we have all the necessary information. This does not apply to files for which we are waiting for additional information from either the requesting attorney or the plan administrator. We also have expedited services available in the event that you need an order or a report sooner.

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What We Do

We partner with domestic relations attorneys across the country to aid in dividing retirement benefits through valuations, consultations, drafting agreement and judgment language, providing expert testimony, and drafting division orders.

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