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How to Submit a Request

We provide you with three convenient ways to submit your request:


Create an account and make a request with our online portal. Full payment is made at the time of purchase.

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Download the forms, complete, and email to Payment can either be mailed (377B Lear Rd, #286 Avon Lake, OH 44012) or paid online.


Download the forms, complete, and mail to 377B Lear Rd, #286 Avon Lake, OH 44012. Payment can either be mailed or paid online.

Requesting Attorney Policy

We can only be retained by attorneys; we do not work directly with divorcing parties or other lay people, and we only consider one attorney to be our client. We refer to our client as the “Requesting Attorney.” This person is instrumental in our process, and if you are the Requesting Attorney, you will need to be engaged and responsive throughout the process for best results. Download the full policy for more information regarding conflicts of interest, retention, document release, and opposing counsel relationships.

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Available Forms

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QDRO/Division Order for Non-Federal Employee Plans


If a plan can be divided via court order, whether it be a QDRO, DRO, etc. our team of experts can draft the proper division order for you.

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$500/each or $800/both

A COAP divides federal employees’ pension benefits – either through the Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS) or Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS). In addition to the pension, federal employees also have a Thrift Savings Plan account, which requires a separate court order.

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Military & TSP

$600/military | $500/TSP

A MRPDO divides military members benefits.  If the military member also has a Thrift Savings Plan account, a separate court order is required.

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Passive Growth Analysis


A passive growth analysis report is a tracing of the passive growth of separate property brought into defined contribution plans like a 401(k), 403(b), 457(b), ESOP, profit sharing, or savings plan.

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Present Value


A present value report provides the current lump sum value of the accrued pension at the normal retirement age.

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Consulting Services

Retainer: $600 | Fee: $300/hour

Our legal services include customized language, executive benefits assistance, review of opposing counsel’s drafted orders, and litigation assistance.

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Expert Witness


We stand behind our work and remain available even years after we complete a report or draft an order. Our staff is available to help you negotiate retirement asset issues until you bring them to a safe conclusion.

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Authorization Forms

Authorization forms will be required if QDRO Group will be performing discovery. For the full list of available Authorization forms, press the button below.

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