Passive Growth Analysis

Passive Growth Analysis

A passive growth analysis report is a tracing of the passive growth of separate property brought into defined contribution plans like a 401(k), 403(b), 457(b), ESOP, profit sharing, or savings plan.

If you provide a Limited Authorization we are able to send a discovery letter to the plan administrator or record keeper to attempt to obtain the account statements, but please recognize that it can take many weeks for us to receive a response, if at all. Plans are becoming less willing to provide information to a third party, frequently change record keepers, and purge “old” records. Often the plan participant must provide all of the quarterly/annual account statements directly or you must send a subpoena.

If all of the quarterly/annual account statements are not available for the whole length of time, please contact us for alternative methods of determining the marital portion.

Why Passive Growths?

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Retainer: $750/each

Note: The fee increases with the level of complexity of the tracing.

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