Consulting Services

Our consulting services include:

  • Customized language – We draft settlement agreement language, addendums, clarifying orders, and letters specific to the retirement plans and needs of your individual cases.
  • Executive benefit assistance – We help you understand the complex provisions of non-qualified plans, stock options, top-hat plans, incentive plans, bonuses, and excess benefit plans which usually require a specialized approach.
  • Review of opposing counsel’s drafted orders – We will examine the decree, benefit information, plan documents, and proposed Order and inform you of any issues that may be of concern.
  • Litigation assistance – We can help with your preparation from legal research to strategy and brief writing.
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Retainer: $800
Fee: $400 per hour

Note: In the event that the request will require more than 2 hours, we will contact you for approval of additional charges. Turnaround time for consulting services varies.

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